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Consorzio Del Prosciutto Toscano

Tasting tradition genuine and sincere like its people

In Tuscany, men and women, animals and plants have a form, a language, feelings, colours and joy to express. Each action is driven by passion for history and tradition in all things big and small, and the process of creation always takes the value of a “ceremony”. Tuscan pig farming has ancient, rural, smallholding origins and the resulting product has maintained to our days all those characteristics of genuineness, taste and flavour enhancing its excellence.

It was the year of grace 1000, when the art of processing pig meat in the Tuscan region was consolidated; actually, laws regarding pig slaughtering and pork meat preservation can be traced back to the time of Charlemagne. Tuscan farmers used to slaughter the pig, they had fattened for a full year with passion, in winter season, and transform it into salami and cold cuts dedicated for family consumption. This operation was quite an event and genuineness, taste and flavour reached levels of excellence. It was only around the XV century, at the time of the Medici, that Tuscan ham production was regulated by some measures concerning the whole production process. A delicate flavour, the crimson red of its dry and lean slices and a strong taste intensified by a light flavour are the distinctive characteristics of one of the icons of the Tuscan food and wine tradition.

Its intense taste and enriched flavour mark the uniqueness of the of Prosciutto Toscano (Tuscan Ham). However, the secret of its success lies in a perfect climate for ageing, with the caresses of the “breezes” and temperate land and sea winds blowing on a territory protected by the Tramontane and thanks to the Apennine Range. The result is a delicate taste wisely enriched with those unmistakable scents of Tuscany the “Toscanità”, being Tuscan, typical of its vegetation, rich in lentisk, myrtle, and juniper, secret ingredients of the producers’ recipes. That genuine simplicity the whole world associates to the Tuscan food production can also be found in its Hams.

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