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Comalbest Srl

WE PROCESS MEAT FOLLOWING THE TRADITIONS OF OUR LAND The Apulia to bite in between two slices of bread is the one made by Salumi F.lli Gentile, a brand of Comalbest srl in Fasano (province of Brindisi). Between 1940 and 1980 the company used to deal with livestocks and later it entered the industry of meat. At the beginning of the 2000’s Comalbest expanded the company’s surface area adding new laboratories and meat sectioning rooms, according to the standards required by the European Community regulations and always following the company’s traditions in making a high-quality product. At the beginning of this decade, Comalbest wanted to produce its Capocollo following the traditions of its own territory, especially the idea of the historian of popular traditions Prof. Giuseppe Marangelli, who in his book “Le tradizioni fasanesi” (published in the magazine “Fasano” in July/December 1984) recalled: “during the Christmas season, most of the families in Fasano were busy making sausages and Capocollo; especially that of Capocollo should be a tradition to be revived, being delightful the way it was prepared in Fasano”. Today, the company’s large and new laboratory guarantees the highest hygiene standards in the processing of meat of exclusive Italian origin. Relying on the craftsmanship of expert butchers, together with the right processing times and slow seasoning in the cellar, Capocollo and the other handmade cured meats of F. lli Gentile have reached excellent quality levels. As it happens with a great wine, even the Capocollo Artigianale F. lli Gentile has that rare ability to prolong its persistence on the palate, thanks to the slight hint of smoke that characterizes it. Together with Capocollo, you’ll find many other products such as larded loin, bacon, sausages and the Apulian soppressata.

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