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Cg Salumi S.R.L.

We are strongly committed to satisfying our customers’ needs through careful Planning of investments and constant attention to research. The two production lines we work on guarantee a production of 8000 kg per day. In fact we have the best technology on the market for the slicing and packing of cold meats and cheese at our disposal. This allows us to meet all our customers’ packing needs, combining the Tradition of products and the innovation of new packing and packaging systems. Flexibility and a tailor-made service which no other facility can provide represent the added value that CG Salumi offers to its customers dealing with big brands, ensuring them an effective slicing and packing service. Attention to detail, timing response, attention to the customers’ needs throughout each treatment phase are combined with a constant search for Quality in all aspects of our activity. We can apply experience in Quality research that has matured producing and guaranteeing our products for over thirty years. CG Salumi can guarantee its customers and consumers that the highest Safety standards are fully met throughout the treatment process. Thanks to constant commitment and attention to detail we have obtained the most important certifications for our sector: the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and the IFS (International Food Standard). Thanks to the achievement of these standards we think we have all the necessary requirements to propose as food suppliers of the GDO brand, in full compliance with legal requirements and with the highest safety standards.

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