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Cedral Tassoni S.P.A. – Salò

TASSONI, 225 YEARS OF ITALIAN QUALITY Over two centuries of history, the same family leading the company for four generations, a controlled production chain producing its own aromas, and a brand that is always alive in the heart of Italians as a guarantee of timeless quality: these are the main characteristics of Cedral Tassoni, the Italian company founded in 1793 in Salò, on the shores of Lake Garda. The company’s boom took place in 1956 with the launch of the legendary product Cedrata Tassoni Soda as an evolution of the traditional Cedro Tassoni Syrup: a carbonated soft drink, non-alcoholic, fresh and refreshing, with a sweet and acidulous taste, a lively yellow colour and a scent of cedar. In 2014 Cedral Tassoni presented Tonica Superfine Tassoni, the first tonic water made with natural citron with a distinctive citrusy flavour topped with aromatic herbal notes. It’s a soft drink drink, naturally low in sugar. Rather than using traditional quinine, the new tonic is made with the extract of the quassia tree, which contains quassin, known for its beneficial bitterness.The base of carbonated demineralized water with the addition of citric acid enhances the natural flavours, and unique, fresh blend of citrus notes. In the following years, Tassoni introduced on the market two new soda products: Fior di Sambuco and Mirto in Fiore. Fior di Sambuco is a carbonated soft drink with extract of elderflower. The natural aroma is extracted from the small white flowers after an infusion to reach a floral and fruity flavour reminiscent of the Muscat grapes. Distilled lemon peels give the fresh fragrance. Mirto in Fiore is a soft drink with the typical drying aroma of myrtle enriched  with floral notes. The berries come from Sardinia and are processed as soon as they are picked in order to produce an extract with an intense colour and unmistakable aroma. Altogether the drink has a fruity, persistent aroma with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The colour comes from both the myrtle berries and an extract of grapes rich in anthocyanins. The biggest news of 2018 is the introduction on the market of Pescamara, a new soft drink inspired by the recipe of a Piedmontese dessert, which has numerous versions throughout Italy. The main ingredients of this new drink are a 15% of peach juice and a strictly natural aroma extracted from bitter almonds. To reduce the caloric intake, sugars have been partially replaced by an innovative vegetable fibre-based ingredient.

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