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Casale Borghesiano-Azienda Agricola Flaminia Borghese


Casale Borghesiano was born on the first half of the 20th century and is located in Belpasso at the left foot of the Etna Volcano in province of Catania (Italy). Love for tradition and for this territory motivates Flaminia Borghese, with the help,of her sons, to pursue the business that our greatgrandparents began around a century ago. The constant and meticulous care of our olive trees permits the production of a superior quality of olives and an extraordinary extra vergin olive oil “made in Sicily” that you can enjoy tasting. The Valcorrente terrain lays at the left foot of the Etna volcano in Belpasso, in the Catania province. Lava stone is a dominant component of the soil, which is particularly fertile by virtue of abundant waters. Today this land is a generous provider of high quality fruits.


It has a golden yellow colour with green highlights and it tastes refreshingly corpose with flavours like tomatoes and artichokes.
A slight bitter and spicy aroma makes it quite pleasant to the palate while its fruity scent provides a unique olfactory experience. The exceptional quality of our olive oil is the result of a production process which capitalizes on the fact that special care is given to each individual olive tree.


Our Green Olive Patè meets the vocation of our olives, Nocera Etnea, which are meant to be exquisite “table” olives. Our Green Olive Patè has been realized through a meticulous selection process of top quality fruits grown in our olive groves. Soon after harvest our olives are treated in a salt solution and after a suitable time the patè is made with state of the art techniques. It is made with Casale Borghesiano Extra Vergin Olive Oil and the marriage of these two ingredients results in a particularly tasty delicacy which lends itself to multiple combinations in a number of different dishes.


Our Orange Flower Honey has a characteristic golden colour and an intense scent close to that of zagara flowers. Its flavour is deeply aromatic and reminds that of the orange flowers from which it originates. Being a natural product its main characteristic is a spontaneous cristallization a few months after production.


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