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Cantine 4 Valli S.R.L.

The history of the winery Il Poggiarello begins in 1882 when the grandfather Perini meets Ferrari grandfather. A farmer to make wine and a carpenter to make the barrels … Since then have followed generations of winemakers and ways of relating to grapes and wine, up to the great-grandchildren of today. In 1980 they took over the company by planting 13 hectares of vineyard integrating the typical varieties of the Piacenza hills with more international variety. This part of the Trebbia in the sixteenth century was known and appreciated for the quality of its wines, the characteristics of which came from contained production, forerunner of the techniques that are most commonly used today in the vineyard. Our goal is to give the wine a chance to give their best. Competently and serenity we do our job sure that the wine produced, year after year, give us the right confirmation.

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