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BIOTEA WAS BORN: A SELECTION OF FINE TEA More than 25 years of traveling in the Far East and particularly in China, the birthplace of Tea, have aroused in me a great curiosity for the most popular drink in the world. Its history, its rituals and the beautiful gar­dens have fascinated me and that’s how Biotea was born: a selection of fine Tea from crops where the processing is still carried out according to traditional methods. BioTea selects whole leaf Teas, which are completely free from pesticides and synthetic chemicals. The choice to go in the cultivation areas allows me to personally know the producers, to peri­odically monitor the production and assure a high quality product, devoid of any chemical pollutant. Each lot of our Teas is tested in a certified Italian laboratory to prove the complete absence of pesticides. Our Teas come in BioFilters, Tin Cans and Loose. In BioFilters, the Teas are hand-stitched with a natural cotton string in 100% bio-degradable filter material made of cornstarch, to generate a graceful silky looking pouch. The pouches are then individually packed with foil envelopes to preserve freshness, nutrition and aroma. Biotea – the Security of Drinking Natural.  

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