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Azienda Agraria Greco Del Dott. Pantaleo Greco

The company, located in the heart of the Terra d’Otranto in Caprarica of Lecce, belongs to a family and culture centuries-old agricultural tradition.

The history of the family olive oil Greek is so ancient that even the oil press today It located in the historic center of the village, a few meters from the mill Hypogeum of properties, now being renovated. All stages of production, from olive cultivation until the pressing of the olives and all ‘bottling, are carried out without the use of synthetic chemical products. The nachiro oil produced has a fundamental peculiarity of which few can proudly vaunt: matter before and transformation processes are exclusively business. This is only possible for the extensive land based company that has about 500 ha.

They produce more than 200,000 l / year of extra virgin organic olive oil. The pressing of the olives takes place no later than three hours of collection in company mill, with a full squeezing two phase system, with of very low working temperatures (25/28 ° C), in the maximum respect environmental hygiene. The oil, obtained from Leccino variety of olives, of Ogliarola Lecce, Cellina of Nardo, has a very high content in polyphenols, which It determines its high corrosion resistance and time.

The company is in “Bio dedicated distribution” as the company, the mill and bottling are only in organic farming. The quest for quality has brought the first results … In 2008 he won the award for best BIOL extra virgin olive organic farming in Puglia In 2013 he received the diploma of great mention at the competition Golden Lion of oil masters.

available packages Tin 3 lt Tin 5 lt Bottle 250 ml Bottle 500 ml Bottle 750 ml

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