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Antonio Garau Cheese Factory

Garau Cheese Factory

Four Generations of Master Cheesemakers

Since 1880 Antonio Garau Cheese Factory, the oldest in Sardinia, has produced classic Sardinian cheeses, keeping alive the cheese making tradition begun by its founder in the small, central Sardinian town of Mandas. When production began, Antonio Garau’s goal was to recapture the thousand-year-old tradition of transforming milk into cheese, an art in which the abilities and skills of the shepherd combine with the quest for superb taste and quality. We have always exclusively used the milk of sheep and goats that feed on the natural herbs and shrubs of the Sardinian pastures. The entire manufacturing process, from the selection of the finest milk to the processing and ripening phases, is meticulously controlled in order to maintain traditional flavors and produce the highest grade product which is always in compliance with the most rigorous and up-to-date quality control standards. Using only natural ingredients without the use of chemical compounds such as additives and anti-mold. The high quality and authentic, unique flavor of our cheeses derive from this exacting process. We are proud that our products are well known outside of Italy. The Taste of Tradition As time goes by, many small companies face an undeniable fate: their traditionally-made products give way to large-scale manufacturing and thus lose their original tastes and flavors. In order to preserve and pass on the ancient flavors of ‘Pecorino Sardo’, the Garau Cheese Company has always been, and continues to be, very particular in its selection of raw materials. It only processes sheep’s milk from farms in central Sardinia, and by doing so is able to maintain the authenticity and quality of the milk which comes from the animals grazing on the wild herbs and the natural plants of the Mediterranean, so milk is reacher in omega3 fatty acids. The genuineness of our cheeses is confirmed by the slight variations of aromas, which are due to the changes in the seasons. The characteristics of the milk vary from spring to autumn as the plants, grass and shrubs all have diverse qualities at different times of the year. The manufacturing process is enhanced in the final moment of ripening. This takes place in the very same cellars opened in 1880 by our founder Antonio Garau, and which today safeguard our products’ unique flavor. Where we are Antonio Garau Cheese Factory is located in Mandas, an important agricultural center in the Trexenta area of Central Sardinia, 56 km north of the island’s capital, Cagliari. It is a territory characterized by rolling hills and vast plateaus that have served as pasture lands for thousands of years. Sardinia: “Residents of this Mediterranean Island maintain a centuries-old shepherd culture plus a playful outlook on life. The classic Sardinian diet consists… and pecorino cheese made from grass-fed sheep, whose cheese is high in omega3 fatty acids”. (BLUE ZONE, Live Longer Better – National Geographic – Dan Buettner)

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