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Antiche Terre Venete

The roots of the company lie in the distant past by Valpantena. The origin of the word Valpantena is issue. Who wanted to mean “Valle del Pantano” (=”Valley of the Muddy”) or all the wines like Avogaro and even Cipolla. Someone else insisted that its meaning was “Valley of Gods” for a multitude of temples, caves, fountains and woods, built by the ancient Roman Patricians during the most beautiful time of Empire, on hills and slopes, and consecrated to the gods of their villas.

Grandfather Vittorio Sancassani, in love with his homeland, in the early ‘900 devoted himself passionately to the cultivation and processing of vineyards of one of the first winery in this area. His son Sergio, during the seventies, was already dedicating the management of olive groves and agricultural land.

Only in 2000 Sancassani Family has the opportunity to compete with nature and working the land. Luciano Sancassani, with the help of two friends (Vittorio cares of the vineyards and Riccardo for the management of the winery) realizes his dream of creating a real winery. Antiche Terre currently operates 25 hectares of vineyards in the hills of Valpolicella-Valpantena, both ownership and lease.

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