We are the Italian specialists in premium all-natural and organic frozen foods

We are the Italian specialists in premium all-natural and organic frozen foods

Emilia Foods was founded in 2013 by Ivan Manfredi with the idea of developing a modern company presenting healthy and trendy products. Emilia Foods great asset is being located in a region that is recognized for the most authentic artisanal food creations. Luckily, the founder saw the enormous potential and tried to make the most of it.

Given this, Emilia Foods started concentrating on vegetables and cooperated with different suppliers; vegetables have experienced a real boom over the last few years and literally exploded.

In 2014, although the company was still young, Emilia Foods became a supplier of some of the most important U.S retailers, Costco is one of the major partner – an important milestone that spurred its development. Emilia Foods winning product which opened many doors was riced cauliflower and it is still a flagship and definitely contributed to its market success.

Step by step, Emilia Foods developed and produced new products: vegetables with a certain cut such as zucchini spirals or zoodles, long strips of zucchini which resemble pasta but are a fresh and healthy alternative to spaghetti.

But the real news are the plant-based products: an amazing alternative to meat with a wide range including burger, hotdog, meatball, nuggets completely allergens free. A new trend which comes from US and rapidly spreading all around the world.

Today, Emilia Foods has 20 employees and generates annual sales of 26 million EUR (2019). All products are exported – 85% to the United States, the remainder to South Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and reliable logistics partners,
products are shipped all around the world without any compromise in flavour.

Emilia Foods primarily produces private labels – products range includes authentic Italian classics such as gelato, pasta and pizza, but also encompasses more and more innovations such as added value
vegetables and plant-based burgers.

“Luckily, we can bank on a young team that is keen to capture the spirit of the time,” emphasizes Mr. Manfredi. “Unlike big players, we do not need a lot of time to understand trends and to react. This flexibility and responsiveness is an important asset.”

Quality is another company strength. Every ingredient is sourced from
high-quality suppliers; each single production process is constantly monitored.
The world changes at a rapid pace and Emilia Foods embraces challenges caring about environmental sustainability of its products.


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