The world of Verdeoro a breif introduction

Verdeoro srl is an Italian Olive Oil company that has been ran by the Mantuano family since the early 1900’s. Verdeoro has grown into one of the world’s leading olive oil brands with offices internationally placed.

The Verdeoro brand combines both traditions with the newest technologies to keep the products fresh while still maintain our classic taste. Verdeoro is also proud to say that our products are all composed by organoleptic components.

Organoleptic properties are the aspects of food or other substances as experienced by the senses, including taste, sight, smell, and touch, in cases where dryness, moisture, and stalefresh factors are to be considered, therefore as you an imagine these components are highly important in the case of olive oil. As any Italian would tell you, “food” is more than just food.

Italians love food so much because it is part of our roots, an essential companion of the beauty that surrounds them and one of the key elements that makes them… who they are.
Food is more a matter of passion and pleasure. With that being said, without the proper essentials, the rest will never be right. Verdeoro is an internationally respected brand that always

seeks to keep our customer’s wallets and taste buds satisfied! Verdeoro tends to all possible olive oil needs with many diverse flavored oils as well as the classics. To name a few of our most popular products: PDO Extra Virgin olive oil, Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, Extra Virgin 100% Italian olive oil, Extra Virgin of European origin olive oil, unfiltered Extra Virgin 100% Italian olive oil, pure olive oil, olive pomace oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, grape seed oil and blended oils (all meeting required percentages).