The taste of wellbeing, every day on your table

The taste of wellbeing, every day on your table

Carmela Di Caro oil-producing firm makes an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, extolled by gourmet for its unique taste and valued by nutritionists as an “elixir of life”. The firm follows the olive-growing tradition that has been strictly observed for centuries in the Sicilian province of Trapani, and which assures the highest quality level during the whole production process.

Aware of the interest of its customers, Carmela Di Caro offers a wide range of high-quality products indicated for daily use: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I.G.P. Protected Geographical Indication, D.O.P. Protected Designation of Origin, Organic, Monocultivar, Flavoured Oils.

A young firm with an old tradition. Carmela Di Caro is a young firm as well as his owner Pierpaolo Rizzo. He has been able to convert a family oil production into a wider activity which now competes on a bigger national market. It is “young” in the way to respond to the market needs, employing new technologies, new methods of production, always in the full respect of the environment. It is “old” because of its tradition which includes the methods of cultivation and a wide knowledge of the natural production process.

Sicily: in the heart of the Mediterranean. The olive groves, with their silvery-green leaves and twisted trunks – characteristics of the “Mediterranean regions” – are the typical elements of the South-Italy landscape. Carmela Di Caro oil-producing firm is located in the province of Trapani, in Sicily, the core of the Mediterranean. A wonderful area is full of history and unique natural scenarios.

Natural processes and passion for quality. The superior quality of extra-virgin olive oil is determined by different important factors. First of all, we should consider its natural and environmental characteristics such as the areas of cultivation, the climate and the cultivar (the cultivated variety of the plants).

Taking care of the plants during the entire agricultural process is another basic aspect composed of complex stages, such as cultivation and soil manuring times, the use of proper pruning techniques; everything with special attention on phytosanitary measures. The right choice of the period of harvest (from which depends on chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics of the product) and the methods employed are two fundamental conditions to achieve the best final result.

Together with the final transformation process (from olives) to oil and the right way of preservation. Carmela Di Caro oil-producing firm, thanks to the great care and passion employed in all the stages of the production process, is able to obtain an excellent olive oil that maintains all the natural characteristics of the fruit, preserving unique taste and smell. Here, the olive-growers consider and study with attention the best time for cultivation and olives picking, tacking care of olive grove during all the year and respecting the biological system of the plants and all the area around them.

Olives are picked directly from the plants to select the finest fruits, intact and rich of their best natural components such as chlorophyll and carotene (which determine their color and smell) and polyphenols (very important natural antioxidants). Moreover, olives were always pressed by 48 hours at the latest, avoiding, in this way, fruit deterioration caused by too long storage.