The Best Flour Producer For Any Business Molini

The Best Flour Producer For Any Business Molini

The pursuit of excellence and a constant commitment to innovation are the core values that have always inspired Molini Pivetti. For nearly 150 years, the company was established in 1875, it has been a market player delivering quality and knowledge to lots of professionals and end users. This is the reason why Molini Pivetti is considered the best flour producer for any business.

Molini Pivetti has always looked beyond, imagining a future where the respect for the local territory and the traditional recipes have been joined with the new opportunities offered by technology. The daily relations with the farmers and a stable relationship with them in managing the fields’ activities have allowed Pivetti to understand, and often anticipate, the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The company mission is moving more and more around the environmental protection and a direct dialogue with the farmers. The best example is the project called Campi Protetti Pivetti, a controlled and certified supply chain which – in collaboration with local farmers – guarantees a flour produced 100% with grains grown exclusively Bologna, Ferrara and Modena’s areas, in the heart of Emilia Romagna region.
Campi Protetti Pivetti’s fields are far from any source of pollution and carefully selected by Pivetti’s agronomists.

Molini Pivetti has always considered environmental protection as a priority to pursue a sustainable approach to agriculture, a wise use of resources, the choice of a responsible Supply Chain, the increase in biodiversity and the reduction in CO2 emissions are all topics in which both Pivetti and the farmers strongly believe.
Sharing this company vision the farmers agree to sign the Mill’s strict disciplinary rules.

Every day in the company laboratories the Pivetti R&D team experiments and comes up with a diversified offer of products and services dedicated to the food service, retail and industrial sectors. Each day Molini Pivetti produces exclusive flours, bespoke solutions and blends of new and trendy ingredients.
All this is done following our excellent quality standards and guaranteed by a full supply chain traceability and backed by many International certifications.