Olio Luglio, Since 1953

Olio Luglio, Since 1953

Great expanses of olive trees, table-lands furrowed by the man’s hand and bright chromatisms are the frame of the characteristic town of TERLIZZI, in the north of Bari. It’s here that our family’s roots are and where the family started the manufacture of a “nectar” called extravirgin olive oil in 1953.

Their attachment to tradition and the attention to the changings of time make the Luglio’s firm a point of reference for the working process of the Baresan oil, the most esteemed in the world by experts. The control of the countryside cultivation, the bottling process and the finished products trade are the pride of the Luglio’s.

The extraordinary experience, handed down from father to son, guarantees the genuiness, deliciousness and the high quality of this oil, “the good of Italy”. Medsol Srl is one of the biggest bottler companies in PDO Terra di Bari Extra Virgin olive oil PDO “TERRA DI BARI” EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

(The Protected Designation of Origin ) is the important recognition for the value and the quality by which the European Community assures customers about the geographical area of origin and the uniqueness of olive oil production methods in “Terra di Bari”.

Environmental conditions and the cultivation methods make our “Terra di Bari” PDO extra virgin olive oil a precious oil. Luglio considers very important the traditional ways of cultivating and pruning olives in order to preserve all their original characteristics. Medsol provides Italian and international customers with the same attention to quality, ensuring full traceability of products. We are certified IFS, BRC, Kosher, and Halal. www.olioluglio.it