Oleificio Fiorentini Firenze                                       a family dedicated to olive oil since 1946

Oleificio Fiorentini Firenze a family dedicated to olive oil since 1946

Founded in 1996, Fiorentini Firenze SPA is specialized in processing, bottling-packaging and storing extra virgin olive oil for a large clientele that now includes some of the most important Italian and European retail chains as well as the main food industry multinationals. The company has modern bottling-packaging lines and it exports private label products all over the world. Our first steps on the foreign markets began in 1998 with the United States and then with Germany in 2001.

Since then, we have grown by more than 20% annually, to the point that we passed the thirty million bottles mark in 2007. Growth has remained constant, in fact at the end of 2015 the number of bottles sold exceeded 40.000.000 for a total turnover of 136 million Euros broken down as follows: 65% to the international market, mainly Germany, United States, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Bosnia Herzegovina, Netherlands, Norway, India, Romania, Russia, England, Croatia, Switzerland and Austria, and the remaining 35% to the domestic market.

Today, Fiorentini Firenze S.p.A. is one of Italy’s major marketers of bottled extra virgin olive oil. To satisfy our clients’ needs, Fiorentini Firenze selects and purchases extra virgin olive oil from more than 150 growers, 200 olive presses and cooperatives in Italy and in the entire Mediterranean basin. THE STORAGE WAREHOUSE of Fiorentini Firenze is one of the biggest olive oil warehouses in Italy with a capacity of almost 8 million liters at a temperature guaranteed by an air conditioning system (18-22 °C). The company’s storage capacity is equal to 7,164 tons which is necessary for processing activities, divided into 69 stainless steel silos of different capacities (from 16 to 500 tons).

The storage plant is one of the first in Italy to be equipped for the new nitrogen Preservation technology and Cold Cycle Processing. The silos containing the oil are filled with Nitrogen in order to prevent oxidization and keep temperatures low. Our sourcing team directly and continuously monitors the main production and the export markets to guarantee our customers the quality and the number of olive oils with the most competitive prices. The identity of each extra virgin olive oil originates from the blending process used.

This is the most important and delicate phase, certainly the one that requires the highest degree of sensitivity in terms of taste, professionalism, and experience. The composition of the Blend makes it possible to obtain a product that is ready for the bottle and that has the chemical and organoleptic characteristics demanded by the client. Quality is the cornerstone of Fiorentini Firenze philosophy. We proudly invest in Quality testing laboratories and test panels in order to obtain the most important international certification.

The CYCLE OF PRODUCTION is composed of the most modern equipment for bottling and packaging and by 5 bottling lines with an average capacity of 10.000 bottles per hour. With this kind of equipment, we work hard to get to know our customers and to satisfy them according to their needs and preferences which are influenced by the different markets and segments. To this purpose, we pioneer and develop quality packaging, which is often created specifically to meet the customers’ preferences and requirements with endless options in terms of materials, formats, capsules, and labeling. Our vast portfolio of olive oil packaging ranges from PET packs of between 125 ml and 5 liters to glass bottles holding between 250 ml and 1 liter, as well as tins of between 3 liters and 5 liters and ceramic bottles between 250 ml and 750 ml. Fiorentini Firenze olive oil is ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY thanks to the use of at least 40% of energy coming from renewable sources but moreover with new projects of EVOO Climate Friendly, the first time in Eu for an EVOO with environmental impact ZERO. See more on adv! www.fiorentinifirenze.it