Lombardi Claudio srl: Products in oil and vinegar

Lombardi Claudio S.r.l. is working in actual buildings since 1987. The company’s core business is the prodution and trasformation of canned vegetables in oil, wine vinegar or brine items, from fresh raw materials conserved in brine and selected from the best producing zones in Italy.
Lombardi Claudio srl born for the willing of the two actual partners and they want to try to enter in the worldwide food market, they believe in that for the good quality of their production.

The company is situated in an industrial area close to Prato and consists of 2 buildings used, respectively, to store finished products and raw materials and also the administrative offices, the other one includes  the production department and give the prompt delivery.

The company consists  in 15 persons  that day after day, work to reach perfection and to ensure the quality of the products.
The company has two production’s managers, whose function is to coordinate and supervise workers to improve production.
It has also a quality’s manager who is responsible for monitoring  product quality and verify the health and hygiene and quality data.
The controller provides a daily basis to manage the plan envisaged by the Self-regulation and ensure HACCP, thanks to the two used administrative, product traceability throughout the production chain.

Description of the Production Process:

Our vegetables from the best agricultural areas undergo careful inspection and after a meticulous selection are sent off to various phases of preparation.
Using the most modern automative technology, our production cycle undergoes continual inspection.
Backed up by years of artisanal experience our products maintain the spirit and the flavour of traditional italian recipes.
Our finished products are submitted to further laboratory analyses which garantie their conservation and maintains intact their organic properties. The authentic flavour of each speciality enhances the table of even the most exigent gourmet.

Production Process  …… supply:

The buying of raw materials, packaging and auxiliary equipment to production come from selected and qualified suppliers.

The choice of suppliers is based on the following guidelines:
• Punctuality of delivery
• Product quality
• Regularity of accompanying documentation
• Availability and support
Since the suitability of the raw material is essential for the quality and wholesomeness of the final product, Lombardi  Claudio srl makes the following checks
healthy means of transport: The production manager checks the conditions of cleaning
control of raw material: For each delivery of goods, the employee controls color, texture, size, salinity, pH and weight, and verify the correctness of the labels placed by the supplier.
He also makes random checks microbiologiche. Such analytical tests are performed by a testing laboratory accredited SINAL.

Production Process  …… preparation and processing!

Raw materials must undergo preliminary treatment:

1. desalination
2. flavour
3. acidification
After undergoing the above operations, the semi-finished products are ready to enter the production line cycle time.

1. DESALINATION can bring the plants in terms of edibility, removing the excess of salt they contain. It is making by putting the plants in tins with water that is changed several times. The residence time of plants in tins and numbers of changes of water will vary depending on vegetables from work, and are dictated by experience and tradition. At this stage the operator is able to carry out, through visual inspection, elimination of contamination of a physical nature that tend to come to the surface in the tank thanks to the sale.

2. FLAVOUR:At this stage the operators distribute the product and spices. The flavoring of the product is made in accordance with recipe.
3. ACIDIFICATION allows the lowering of pH is carried out in cold by citric acid, or L ascorbic acid.
The final pH values must be less than 4.5.
The pH control is performed on a sample batch and recorded in a register.

The production process of LOMBARDI CLAUDIO srl is fully automated using one conveyor belt. From the production line will get out a product ready for market.
The first step of the supply chain is to fill the jars by means of the filler“machine, which also controls the drained weight.
From the filling machine of vegetables, jars filling go to gravitational collapse (so-called colmatrice), where each jar is filled with vinegar (diluted in water to make the flavor less strong, more sweet) or oil.
Then the jars are closed whith closing lids, wich, through a steam, creates empty head and, through a sensor, make sure there is air between the liquid in the capsule and closing.
The products are then washed and ready for pasteurization