Glebe Farm Foods Ltd.

Glebe Farm Foods Ltd.

Family business – Farming 1955. Gluten Free food since 2000
Gluten Free Oat milling from 2010 – EU’s only dedicated millers and farmers Now milling majority of UK’s Gluten Free Oats: ‘Tier 1’ to small bakers

Gluten and quality security

Secure large supply – vertically integrated and 100% Gluten Free dedicated Reliable quality and BRC grade A since 2014
English Gluten Free Oats only

– Highest quality, low mycotoxin, HT2/T2, DON
Fully traceable to our seed checks and farms. EU828/14 Total gluten confidence: 1000’s tests <5ppm. 7 purity tests Zero Barley or Wheat, Rye in 1000s tonnes

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Latest Developments

Dedicated “state of art” Drinks Plant

Using our gluten free oats to produce the UK’s first Oat Drink

Second dedicated “state of art” oat mill – another 5000m2

To keep up with industry demand

Customer benefits

Maintain our lead in quality of gluten free flakes and flour Renewable Energy: 1200kW Heat, 200kW PV electricity Support with gluten testing, flake and flour specification Coeliac societies: FACE in Spain, DZG Germany, and the Italian Ministry of Health

New products

Even more grades of fine oat flour Organic range of oat flakes and oat flour

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