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Vallovin Srl

THE SWEETNESS REFINED GRAPE Company of long traditions and modem technology, operating on the market since three generations, Vallovin Company is located in the fertile lands of Mazara del Vallo, one of the municipalities with the highest density ofthe wine-growing province of Trapani, that for the mild climate are called “Band ofthe Sun”. In the global wine marketfor the production of Concentrates Grape Must, Rectified Concentrated Grape Must and Rectified Concentrated Grape Juice. The use of the Rectified Concentrated Grape Must offers many advantages: its processing method retains the organic and inorganic substances which results in a sugar solution 98% pure which then suitably concentrated, is used in the practice of increasing the alcohol content of the must in fermentation, allowing a significant improvement in the quality of the wines to which it is added. The Rectified Concentrated Grape Must, however, added to some drinks, juices and various foods, gives these, in addition to the classic sweetening power, finesse, fragrance, digestibility and other qualities that sugar traditional failsto give. All this through the use of high technology facilities and a long experienceand tradition of wine. Vallovin also produces the prestigious range of Wines Edonè IGP Terre Siciliane result of bland expressing prestigious organoleptic qualities of native wines.

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