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Valcolatte S.R.L.

The story of Valcolatte begins in Stagno Lombardo, near Cremona, on 11th November 1914. Enzo Panizzi, once opened the dairy departed for World War I, and left it in the hands of his wife, Nonna Cesira. (Granny Cesira). She started up the dairy and she did a very good job. When Enzo came back from war, he found the dairy had been moved to nearby town of Monticelli D’Ongina (Piacenza) with a huge warehouse. The couple, pioneers of cheese, had six children. In 1960, their second son, Ciro Panizzi, father to Enzo Panizzi, the actual owner of Valcolatte, moved production facilities to Montanaro (Piacenza) in the former plant of another Food Company, De Rica. So at the end of the Eighties, Enzo and Liliana, both very young, were running the dairy with all their passion and commitment: “Nuova Panizzi Ltd.” was about to become “Valcolatte Ltd.” a different company producing fresh cheeses. Giuseppe Villa, father to Liliana, a very clever businessman in transportation and building, helped them through. Year after year Valcolatte has expanded its business, beginning from the Southern regions of Italy and then in the Northern ones, always betting on premium products.

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