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Soc. Coop. Agricola Agrocarne Sud

Top quality cured meats   When the wind gently blows from the impressive mountain peaks of the Pollino area, it brings with it the images and scents of unspoilt nature, wholesome popular traditions and the authenticity of a peasant lifestyle. These traditions and authenticity are still untouched today and are visible in the skills with which pork meat is processed in those areas. In the past, these were the features that made the cured meats of Agromonte Magnano (a rural village in the area of Pollino, very close to Latronico) renowned, when farmers used to sell them at the fair of San Giuseppe. It is not by chance that, in 1978, AGROCARNE SUD was established precisely in Agromonte Magnano. This Cooperative Company combines the experience and passion of people from the rural world and applies it to its business. Calmly and step by step, these people have been able to produce exclusively top quality cured meats. In fact, AGROCARNE SUD also breeds pigs for slaughter, in compliance with strict regulations.   AGROCARNE SUD carefully selects the best animals and feeds them only with excellent products (corn, barley and selected seeds), and exclusively processes pork meat from its own farms. At the AGROCARNE SUD premises, pigs are fed mash and slaughtered at a live weight of 150/160kg, which, according to experience and tradition, is the ideal weight that ensures that the meat is perfectly mature. After slaughtering, the meats to be used are selected, and a machine chops up only the leanest parts using a special knife that allows coarsely cut pieces to be obtained, similar to those found in homemade cured meats. The attention to details, the efforts and passion with which AGROCARNE SUD constantly searches for high-quality genuine products have led to the creation of the Lucanica line of cured meats. These products are the greatest achievement of a company that seeks the best meats in order to offer top quality.

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