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The green countryside of Piacenza extends west of Emilia Romagna, a region well-known for its hospitality, beauty and strong propensity for good food. It is here and more precisely in the Rivergaro area, that Riverfrut farm found excellent land for its activities. The owners of Riverfrut are the brothers Emilio and Angelo Bertuzzi, a farming family for generations. In twenty years they have specialised in the cultivation of vegetable produce on approximately 750 hectares of land: fresh string beans  and  tomatoes. The Quality Assurance standard of the Emilia Romagna Region has been applied to Riverfrut crops for many years. Therefore, Riverfrut products carry the QC (Quality Controlled) mark. Riverfrut  has also acquired certification to Globalgap, a protocol that defines the essential elements of good agricultural practices (GAP) in order to develop best practices in fruit and vegetable production. The objective of Globalgap is to meet the growing demands of food safety and respect for the environment. Over the years, Riverfrut has proven its ability to improve the concept of  quality  applied to considerable volumes: today, its trademark is found on the principle markets in Europe, acknowledging the company’s reliability and specialization. The objective is, naturally, to continue expanding.

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