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Riso Val Serpe

Since 1899 our company, located in the heart of the Grange Vercellesi, is dedicated to the cultivation of rice. We hand down this activity from one generation to another with passion and competence, aware that health is a priority in people’s life.

That is why we cultivate our rice with a low environmental impact agricultural production system, providing a rational use of all the production factors, from tillage to weeds control, aiming to minimize the use of technical means.


We process the raw rice grain into the finished product in a traditional way and, being a small rice mill, we process just small amounts of harvest at the time. This allows us to bring to your table a fresh, genuine and excellent quality product.

With the grinding process, useful to remove the husk that covers the grains, we get brown rice. Through the polishing and bleaching, by pushing the grains into traditional millstones, we subsequently obtain white rice, which differs from other types by its pearly color and by exceptional cooking yield and resistance.

Above all, the process we use is what distinguishess us, because it grants that the gem, which occupies a corner of the tip in each grain, is never completely removed. From the rice gem, in fact, will grow a new seedling rich in important nutrients for human nutrition: vitamins, proteins, essential fat acids, simple carbohydrates, minerals and fibers.


Vacuum packaging helps maintain all the organoleptic and nutritional product features, also preserving taste and freshness. This dedicated kind of packaging separates the food from the outside environment and helps to protect it from bacterial contamination, eliminating the risk of biological alterations.

Thanks to the use of a small wooden mill equipped with traditional stone grinding wheels, our company is also committed in Polenta corn flour and rice flour production. The latter is famous for its countless culinary uses and it is ideal to replace the durum wheat flour in case of intolerances.

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