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Lepanto Dairies

Lepanto the actual white   Hello, nice to meet you! Lepanto are an independent company, based in the area of Nàfpaktos, Aetolia in Greece producing and exporting dairy goods of premium quality and exquisite taste. Lepanto are a company but fi rst, Lepanto are family. Born in Nàfpaktos, Aetolia, Lepanto were raised and nurtured with traditionally made dairy goods, produced by local farmers.   So, Lepanto have grown to appreciate the quality, the fl avours as well as the health benefi ts of feta cheese and other local dairy delicacies. Later in life, Lepanto travelled around and came to taste feta cheese of different areas & production methods and Lepanto were always like “No-no, this is not how we do it back home. Lepanto feta cheese is pure with a strong taste and aroma.   It’s the real thing”. So, Lepanto decided to make own feta cheese, the actual feta cheese, the actual white Our goal is simple: We want the whole world to enjoy what we have enjoyed, the excellence that our farm in Nàfpaktos, Aetolia has to offer. The fl avour, the quality, the health benefi ts, the aroma, the style. So, we’re here to share. To pass our gem, Lepanto Feta. What you might call “world’s best white cheese”!

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