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I Cultivar Delle Volte – Cantina Bignotti

CANTINA BIGNOTTI: TRADITION OF WINE IN VALCAMONICA   The Cantina Bignotti was founded in 1997 by Giorgio Bignotti and his two sons, Marco e Andrea, with the aim to revive the tradition of wine in Valcamonica. The family decided to restart the cultivation of the small vineyard that the grandfather Pietro had cultivated for years and to turn grapes into wine in the historic cellar of via Monte Grappa, in Piamborno.  So, nearly twenty years after its disappear , the fi rst bottle of Camunian wine revives: the Cultivar delle Volte, a mountain wine with a strong link with its territory. After a few years the old family vineyard is too small to satisfy the increasing demand of wine, so in 2001 the winery buys a biggest plot of land, located beside an old path called “Strada delle Volte”: it’s the Fenocolo vineyard, a terraced land with slopes that in some places exceed 70%, making the cultivation particularly strenuous but generating the perfect conditions for a great wine. Today the cultivation covers a total area of about three hectares which allow an annual production of around 15.000 bottles.   The processing of the grapes takes place entirely in Piamborno in the ancient cellar located under the family house. The cellar is placed on two levels: on the ground fl oor take place the selection of the bunches, the pressing of the red grapes and the soft pressing of the white ones. After that, the wine “falls” through tubes in the underground cellar where the fermentations goes on and ends with the bottling. The winery was the fi rst to launch in Valcamonica the production of two types of sparkling wines, produced following the rules of the so called “metodo classico”. The selection of Cultivar delle Volte wines has today four red wines, one still white wine and two sparkling wines.

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