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Gullino Import Export S.R.L.

Gullino Import Export S.r.l. is a company specialized in the production, the selection, the packing and the international commercialization of fresh fruits: in particular kiwis, apples, peaches, nectarines and plums. All products sold by Gullino Import Export S.r.l. have Italian origin and more than the 50% of the volume is own grown in the farms of the group. In August Gullino started his Apples business improving the hectares of Apples plantation and turning on a new facility with a brand new sizing machine with optical internal and external selection and full new packing lines are starting operating with the beginning of the season. Main varieties grown and exported are Galas, Red Delicious, Granny and diseases resistant varieties both conventional and organic. Gullino exports almost the 95% of its volume mainly to Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Canada and UAE. Arab markets became even more important this season because they are one of the main markets for Apples and the penetration of Gullino’s product has been improved in the area thanks to an important commercial action. All products sold by Gullino have origin Italy and the 60% of the volume is grown in own Gullino’s farms. This big own production is very important to help us to maintain a very high and homogeney quality standards. The season we are facing in a particular season becuase of the very smalla vailability of fruits (in particular kiwis but Apples too) due mainly to the frost that affected almost whole Europe and Italy last spring. Because of this small availability prices are pretty high and the targets for the season will be to increase Gullino’s apples customers portfolio and to get satisfying returns for our grower that are facinf a difficult season due ti o the small volumes producted. As already expressed Arab markets like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt has been developerd in particular for the Apples’ export. In around three years apples will become the most important item for Gullino. Varieties offered on the market will be mainly Galas, Red Delicious, Granny and diseases resistant varieties. A brand new Apples’ sizing machine with optical internal and external selection and new packing lines have been inaugurated this season. We are constantly improving our quality and we’re very proud to say that 100% of Gullino’s kiwis are FREE OF post-harvest treatments. This has been possible thanks to the know how acquired by studies made to improve our Organic Processes. Our main Apples orchards are in conversion form conventiola to organic, so in two years Organic Apples will be an important item in Gullino’s offer.      

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