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Frama Srl

Regional leader in the production of gastronomic products   In 1985 the Falli brothers, Franco and Marco, almost teenagers, established the Frama s.n.c and took over an activity conducted inside of an hunger, situated in the industrial area of Scandicci’s municipality, near Florence. They kneaded bovine foot which are expanded with the cooking of bovine stomachs and others products, that is, tongues, cheeks, snouts and nerves. In 1990, with the purchase of the upper floor’s company, Falli brothers started the production of gastronomic products. At first, they started the elaboration of bovine stomachs, so ‘florentine Tripe’ and ‘Lampredotto’ cooked in various ways. Later they produced others typical plates, like ‘ribollita’, ‘pappa al pomodoro’, ‘stracotto di guancia’ and ‘peposo’.   Thanks to the product’s excellent quality and to the modern technologies of confection, Frama becomes the leader of its sector at regional level. In the year 2000 they transformed the s.n.c to s.r.l The company’s progresses are: the creation of gastronomic preparations, packed inside of glass’s vases and sterilised, in the way you can conservate them for longs periods at room-temperate; the realization of an e-commerce site, where the company proposes the typical gastronomic plates of the culinary florentine culture and furthermore it offers a quality without parallel.

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