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Farm Vittozzi Anna Maria

The company Vittozzi Anna Maria was founded at the foot of the Lepine mountains, not far from Rome in the mountainous town of Segni. Since four generations and thanks to the skillful work of the Volpicelli family, the Company produces and exports extra virgin olive oil, sauces and chestnuts. The continuous process improvements necessary to meet the needs of the increasingly competitive market, are still combined with the traditional cordiality and humility and we are proud to provide only 100% Italian made natural products, and our friendly smile. We take care from the raw materials to finished products, everything is checked and certified to guarantee an high quality product. Our pressing procedures are the same technique of many years ago, cold extraction with millstones and squeezing sweet, as the ancient tradition wants. The extra virgin olive oil Volpicelli is characterized by an intense green color due to the chlorophylls of olives, from the high content of polyphenols which gives a strong antioxidant power.. Our creams made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian olives, satisfy all palates, even the most demanding. Very good on bruschetta or as pasta sauces, meats, etc Our biological chestnuts are grown and harvested in our chestnut groves, selected and packaged in our company, ready to be tasted.
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