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Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio

IN BERGAMO THE MAIN DOC IS CALLED VALCALEPIO   Bergamo, the heart of Lombardy agricultural and productive compartment, is full of amazing surprises. Looking carefully to the map you can spot a large green area at the border of Bergamo Urban Territory: that’s Valcalepio, Bergamo Garden. Technically speaking Valcalepio is a long and thin band expanding between Adda and Oglio rivers for 70 kilometers. Culturally speaking though, Valcalepio is the green lung of Bergamo and one of its most precious jewels. The hills reach inclinations where it is really diffi  cult to grow vines but these same elements give to the wines their unique characteristics. The vineyards are the best mirror of Valcalepio producers that are divided into wine growers, wine producers and bottlers. In Bergamo the main DOC is called Valcalepio.   VALCALEPIO ROSSO DOC: It is the king of the DO, offi  cially recognized in 1976. Valcalepio Red Doc is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that due to their diff erent ripening times are separately vinifi ed. VALCALEPIO ROSSO RISERVA DOC: Valcalepio soil is particularly apt to red wines production. In some special cases the wine can take the name Riserva, if it has special characteristics linked to ripening and structure and only having passes through a three-yearslong ageing period. VALCALEPIO BIANCO DOC: It’s a blend of Chardonnay, White Pinot and Grey Pinot Grape (following the offi  cial rule 55-80% White Pinot and/or Chardonnay, 20-45% Grey Pinot). VALCALEPIO MOSCATO PASSITO DOC: It’s a red semidried grapes wine composed of 100% Moscato di Scanzo grape grown and vinifi ed out of ScanzoRosciate administration. Moscato Di Scanzo is a native grape rediscovered in the ‘80s that has become a real myth due to its rarity. In Bergamo also TERRE DEL COLLEONI or COLLEONI DOC is produced in 14 varieties: Colleoni White Pinot, Colleoni Grey Pinot, Colleoni Chardonnay, Colleoni Incrocio Manzoni Bianco , Colleoni Moscato Giallo, Colleoni Moscato Giallo Passito, Colleoni Schiava, Colleoni Merlot, Colleoni Marzemino, Colleoni Cabernet, Colleoni Franconia, Colleoni Incrocio Terzi, Colleoni Novello, Colleoni Spumante.

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