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Cantina Sociale La Guardiense

La Guardiense is situated in Guardia Sanframondi, a southern italian town in the province of Benevento, “the Sannio”. The historical features narrate of the “Samnites” a proud and tenacious population that used to live in this geographical area, alternated with flats and hills and owning a unique micro-climate in a fertile valley between the Matese and the Taburno mountains.

The collective commitment to act as a common entity gives always extraordinary results. An example of this, is given by La Guardiense, a winery founded in 1960 by 33 vine-grovers, that nowaday counts approximately 1000 members.

They cultivate their grapes on around 2000 hectars of vineyards on an average height of 350 meters a.s.l. and an average yearly production of 240.000 hectoliters.

The winery’s excellence is represented by a wide production of wines and sparkling wines.

During the decades, the winery has always been market oriented and consumer friendly, becoming the symbol of the technological and economical progress for the entire area and its gents.

It pays a great attention to the envoironement sustainability with production of solar energy and it promotes the development of a cultural approch to the wine through guided visit and wine-tasting in the winery focusing the attention on native grape varieties in combination with the genuine and rich local gastronomy.

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