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Cantina Manzini

Cantina Manzini is a historic brand of wines with Protected Designation of Origin Colli Piacentini dating back to the early 900.

Here you are selected the best grapes of the Val d’Arda, Trebbia Valley, the Val Nure and Val Tidone, as each of these areas has unique characteristics in its kind as a perfume, body and structure that, when properly used, to give rise to unique products such as those of Manzini Cellars. The range of red wines is composed of: Gutturnio, Barbera and Bonarda, while whites are: Ortrugo, Malvasia Dolce, Malvasia Secco, Monterosso and Trebbianino, all strictly D.O.C .. So important is the raw material, but so is the wine cellar technology, today, thanks to the progress made in the course of over 100 years of experience, allows you to keep in the best way that good nature gives us. Today in our cellars are delivered over 10,000 tons of fine wine, which you can find in the best restaurants, clubs and wine bars, not only of our province, but over much of the national territory.

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