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Bosca S.P.A.

Tradition and innovation for wines and sparkling wines

We are proud producers of spumante and wine since 1831. We feel ever since the allurement towards innovation through the constant search of new products and new markets. From our tradition, which springs from our expertise of over 184 years, and is handed down also thanks to the place where we work, we draw our strength to daily redefine our future. Since our inception, Bosca has combined experience and tradition with new solutions offered by science and technology, expanding this area, usually sober and traditional, to the production of new, young, alternative and suitable for everyone products.

The result of this research are the Sparkletini, combining the delicate flavor of the fruits and the harmonious blend of wines and fermented malt, also certified kosher, and Toselli, all the pleasure of sparkles with nothing more, not even alcohol, recently certified Halal and therefore suitable also to the Muslim population, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to take part in our sparkling world. Both lines are equipped with the closure Multistap, patented by us, and that preserves the bubbles over time.Our historical Cellars, the silent witnesses of our mission through the ages and where it is still produced the classic method sparkling wine, are our most precious genetic heritage.

Share with humanity, thanks to the UNESCO recognition, fills us with pride.Related to our new status and linked to our involvement, this year, with UNESCO and the International Year of Light, from the middle of June, we will celebrate this remarkable partnership with an ongoing exhibition that involves light and music. Through underground galleries, rooms and caves, the path will be shown by the tales of light and sound which will intrigue the visitors in yet a new discovery. Light, that has been since the very beginning of our venture with spumante, an essential element of our lives, now will help understand the mysteries that still hide underground. Come and take part in this spectacular experience!

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