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Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

The “savoir faire” of traditional agricultural produce together with a look to the future of a reality able to innovate without loosing its own roots make for the rightful means to understand true values and discover what should be preserved, so that a tradition can become substantial and not merely an exercise of memory.“Cascina Pizzavacca” farmstead carries on family traditions which from generation to generation give value to typical products of these lands, property of the Pisaronis for long.

Our processing activity began in 2006 when we established a small artisanal laboratory within our farmhouse. The new activity proved profitable: in a few years’ time the success obtained allowed us to transfer and enlarge the laboratory. Up to the 1980s the stables housed cattle for rearing and milking. Today the same premises contain a modern laboratory where fruit and vegetables grown in the fields are processed.

The success of the Pisaronis’ high quality products is achieved through a totally artisanal processing which follows in minute detail ancient recipes of the so-called “Bassa Piacentina” area. Though in a modern way, these recipes revive the very simple country practices which – in the past – allowed families to preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables all year round. Our recipes absolutely avoid the use of preservatives, food colourings and other additives – normally used in the food processing sector: the flavours and tastes we offer are thoroughly natural.

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