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Azienda Agraria Villino E Tesorino Di Neri Elena

The Agricultural Farm Tesorino is tucked away among the green hills of Maremma Toscana, surrounded by the small towns of Massa Marittima, Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia and Scarlino. The farm stretches for sixty hectares on the hills and enjoys a wonderful landscape, with a panoramic view starting from olive threes, through ilex forests and reaching the sea in the distance. The Neri family has been farming in the area of Valpiana since the half of the last century. Today, after three generations, Elena personally takes care of the 4500 olive threes, the 1.2 hectares vineyard and the nine apartments of her holiday farm, maintaining a long tradition of love and respect for nature. Our family has always considered farming not only its business but also and above all its life style. Farming is a way to hand down a unique agronomic and cultural heritage and to preserve the relationship with the environment created by our family, which gives us the opportunity to live a healthy life close to nature in a peaceful heaven. Every day, for many years, we have taken care of our land, respecting its needs and features, and it has always repaid us with healthy and high quality products, reflecting the dedication and commitment of our work. OUR WINE The Agricultural Farm Tesorino has been a member of “Strada del Vino e dei Sapori di Massa Marittima” since its foundation in 1998. A new and larger vineyard, which is currently producing our two wines, Sovescio and Tesorino, replaced the old one the following year, in 1999. THE OIL OF TESORINO Our production is based on a totally natural method, on the experience of many generations of the Neri family and on the dedication of Elena, agronomist and official taster, who follows all the production phases to maintain the quality level, which has been acknowledged for many years. Short tours and tasting lectures are organized every week for our guests, to show them our oil production method and to help them knowing and appreciating this product in the best possible way.

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