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La Pizza + 1 Srl

Ludovico Sante, Sole Director: I founded La Pizza + 1 in 1996, inspired by an idea; to produce pizzas and focaccias with the attention and in the manner of craftsmen and ensure that the freshly-made products arrive safely in homes and great kitchens all over Italy. The challenge was to combine a high quality product – from raw materials to production process – with a production capacity and logistics able to satisfy the demand and rapidly reach the whole of the national market. My background was a life spent in the family dairy, where my father had taught me some simple rules: quality always pays, and to make a high quality product you need equally high quality ingredients. The first stage in the improvement is the constant search for better products and a daily dialogue with the suppliers of these products machines make products, people make quality. The greatest asset of La Pizza +1 are the men and women who have journeyed with the company in its growth. We are proud to have an extremely low turnover among our staff a quality product needs quality. Our pizzas have a rich and abundant topping.  We strongly believe that no-one at home should find themselves needing to add anything to the topping on our product because it is insufficient.  Our product must be enjoyed exactly as it is when it leaves our production lines a fresh product cannot wait around.  Freshness is a frame of mind. Our total flexibility regarding production and delivery is a point that sets us aside in the eyes of our partners in order to sell, you have to listen. All our products are the result of our clients’ requirements, which are the starting point for our research into new products cleanliness is guaranteed. Production-line hygiene and product safety are a daily, indispensable routine. Quality cannot exist without the highest standards of food safety Twelve years later the result of following these rules has reaped its reward: today our products are present on  the shelves of the most important mass distribution chains, as well as in the kitchens of the main Italian catering companies. In the context of a global market aiming at making food as anonymous and standardised as possible, our Company is swimming against the stream. Margherita PizzaWe offer the consumer the same product that up to a few years ago people were traditionally making at home, beginning with locally sourced ingredients. A well-known and renowned product. A truly Italian product. That’s why we can only use high quality ingredients, from the mozzarella to the tomatoes and to the extra virgin olive oil, which is the only fat we use to enrich and flavour the dough we use for our focaccias. This challenge has had a successful outcome in Italy. Today, beginning with the excellent job that we are doing with Swiss mass distribution and with the positive signs we are receiving from France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Romania, UK and Spain, we can say that our Mission has been updated. Thanks to our rapid logistics, which allows delivery of the product within 36-48 hours from production, we are looking at the rest of Europe as the area for our next challenge, the challenge for our coming twelve years.

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