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Experience And Mondernity Made In Bergader

Over a century of history and the quality of its range of products have made Bergader a highly prestigious brand on the international scene.
Since 1902 – when Basil Weixler started a small cheese factory in Waging – the company, now at its fourth generation, has continued to perfect its production techniques, without letting modernity overshadow the skilful hands of master cheesemakers and farmers, to ensure that the most genuine flavours of ancient tradition are preserved. The magic of Bergader products comes from the tried-and-tested combination of the right microbial cultures and production processes which are still performed by hand today, using milk with an extraordinary quality from a territory, Bavaria, which confers unique and unmistakable characteristics to these cheeses.
This is how Edelpilz was born, the blueveined cheese which celebrated its 90th birthday with an eye-catching, limited- edition packaging.
Among Bergader’s achievements we can also number Cremosissimo which has represented a complete and diversified range of soft cheeses with a rind of white noble mould for 10 years, standing out for the absolute genuineness of the production process and the peculiarity of its full and refined flavour.
Based on in-depth quality and quantity market analyses, Bergader Italia then decided to launch its handy and versatile Almkäse Cheese Slices: wrapped, presliced, available in 3 different flavours (traditional, full-flavoured and smoked) and ideal for creating quick and delicious recipes.
In brief, Bergader pairs tradition with powerful innovation, proven by ongoing surveys on consumptions but also by choosing a consistent and stimulating professional environment, today located in a strategic position in the immediate vicinity of the Valerio Catullo airport and in proximity to the main roadways of the Verona area.
The company’s modern headquarters, surrounded by large windows, presents an internal layout functional for exchanging ideas and for innovative design development, in perfect harmony with the Bergader style.

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