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In a competitive market such as chewing gum, EcolBio Srl has proudly launched from the beginning into the revolution trig­gered by the Mexican Chicleros, exclusively distributing a chewing-gum unique in the world, completely biodegradable and or­ganic certified. In addition to these special features, Chicza is also gluten and lactose free, Kosher certified and therefore 100% vegetable.
For the Chiclero Consortium, producers of Chicza, it was not easy to arrive at this result that speaks of quality, social redemption, sacrifice, passion, immense work and great vision. It is not a coincidence that this ex­traordinary 100% organic chewing-gum has won and continues to win important Awards and Honours at national and international level, including the first in chronological or­der the Award for “Best New Organic food“ at “Natural and Organic Products Festival” in London in 2009.

The marketing of Chicza offers innumera­ble advantages for the environment, for the Consumer and for Municipal Administra­tions. Thanks to the activity of the Chicle­ros, the true guardians of the Selva Maya, is preserved the 2nd largest forest in the world, considered one of the green lungs of our planet after the Amazon forest, and the entire ecosystem present there. Besides chewing Chicza will drastically reduce the environmental pollution caused by conventional chewing-gum employing from 5 to 7 years to biodegrade in the environment. In fact according to official data of an authoritative study carried out in a transparent manner by Comie­co in collaboration with the GMI (Green Management Institute) only in Italy are 23 thousand tons of waste that are generally not correctly dis­posed and abandoned on the streets every year. And all this would have a cost for the municipal administrations, if forced to intervene, equal to 16,4 billion euros of public money only to remove those odious mul­ticolored spots that are seen in the squares, sidewalks and streets of many cities. The Chicza chewing-gum is available in a 30-gram format, containing 12 squares, distributed in natural food stores and organic supermarkets, and in the 4-gram format, containing 2 squares. The tastes currently on the market, all strictly organic certified, are Mint, Lime, Mixed Berry, Spearmint, Cinnamon and the novelty of 2020, the new Coffee flavor. The ingredients currently present in Chicza are or­ganic gum base, organic evaporated sugar cane juice in powder, organ­ic glucose, organic Agave syrup and various organic flavours. But the absolute novelty will be the market launch for the second half of 2020 of the new sugar-free format in the flavors Mint and Lemon, which will once again be the first and only chewing-gum in the world organic cer­tified, 100% biodegradable and sugar-free!

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