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Agrisicilia makes Sicilian citrus fruits its inspirational muse. Producing jams with an inimitable flavour for 30 years.
‘Agrisicilia’ was established with the objective of transforming Sicilian citrus fruits into high quality jams, a sector in which the company has been operating for thirty years.
Thanks to the favourable climate, citrus fruits have been cultivated in Sicily for thousands of years. In fact, citrus trees are a natural part of the landscape and a characteristic feature in the typical, lush-green gardens that can be admired all over the island. Furthermore, the Arancia Rossa di Sicilia (Sicilian Blood Orange) is unique to the territory and a variety of orange that has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.
Agrisicilia’s Mission
Agrisicilia has always been committed to product quality, selecting only the freshest fruits, which are processed as soon as they are picked to ensure the fragrance and flavour are kept intact. Furthermore, each fruit is carefully inspected and peeled by hand to guarantee the selection of only the very best fruits.
Agrisicilia’s Production
Agrisicilia loves its territory and the genuine fruits that the land provides. This is why Agrisicilia only uses the best Sicilian citrus fruits in its jams.
The fruits are bought directly from agricultural companies and delivered to our processing centre as soon as they are picked, where they are then processed and peeled by hand.
The jams are prepared by boiling the ingredients and sugar in a vacuum concentrator. After which, the product is then canned, pasteurised and left to cool at room temperature to preserve the aromas and flavour of the citrus fruit as much as possible. This is how Agrisicilia has been preparing its jams for thirty years, in complete respect of nature and its rhythms.
The company covers an area of 3.400 sqm, employs up to 60 people during the fruit picking season and produces 5.000.000 jars of jam per jear.

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